high-quality carbon credits struggle to meet demands of a price-sensitive market

In de media – 13 september 2021


  • Buyers pick Fairtrade-certified credits for quality, transparency
  • Higher prices, investment make them unattractive for others
  • Stringent certification required for quality assurance

At a time when prices in the voluntary carbon market are gradually increasing, there is a segment proving to be even more expensive than regular carbon credits - Fairtrade-certified credits.

The current minimum prices of Fairtrade-certified premium projects are Eur14.50/mtCO2e ($17.16/mt) for forest management credits and Eur9.10/mtCO2e ($10.77/mt) for renewable energy credits. These are substantially higher than the prices prevaling in the market for regular carbon credits.

The S&P Global Platts CNC - reflecting nature-based credits - was assessed at $7.45/mtCO2e on Sept. 9 while the Platts Renewable Energy Current Year Assessment was assessed at $2.24 on the same date.

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