Together on the way to fair net zero

With FairClimateFund you work on your climate strategy. From calculating your CO₂ footprint to CO₂ reduction and your investment in better living conditions for people in vulnerable areas.

Our customers


Secrid aims to reduce CO₂ emissions to such an extent that they must compensate a maximum of 25% in 2030 compared to the baseline in 2019. The compensation is done in collaboration with the FairClimateFund. Together we invest in forestry in Peru. A great project where the effects go further than capturing CO₂. This forestry has the side effect that the erosion on the mountain slopes stops, and the local climate is created positively. This benefits the local coffee farmers and the local economy as a whole.

Secrid does this retroactively, starting in 2009. Secrid hopes that as much as possible can start working in order to work together for a better world. Over the years, the company has decided: that we not only want to be CO₂-neutral but also CO₂-positive. So, more than we emit

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Our total impact


co₂ reduction

X thousand tonnes of CO₂ reduced



X thousand improved cookstoves



X 1 million kilos wood (= 1.403 000 trees) saved