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The increasing deforestation in Piura, Peru is a major problem for local farmers. Deforestation leads to increasing drought affecting coffee production, and the affected soils impact the subsistence agriculture.

FairClimateFund sells Fairtrade CO2 credits from the program of Progreso Foundation and coffee cooperative NorAndino, which started a reforestation project in 2011 in an attempt to tackle the increasing degradation of the landscape in Piura. In total, over 200 hectares of forest have been planted to help around 2,000 local farmers. In addition to the absorption of CO2, the trees also provide extra income for the communities in the long term.

Project Details

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X thousand tonnes of CO2 will be reduced



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x thousand coffee farmers will be supported

The project in detail

The project was first certified by Gold Standard in July 2011. The CO₂ revenues are used to develop a program for sustainable reforestation, capacity building, and employment for farmers. Additional activities are also being financed, such as the construction of fish ponds, and vegetable gardens and mushroom farms that help create a varied diet for farmers' families. Investments are also being made in activities in the field of climate adaptation, such as the planting of shade trees and improved pruning techniques for a better coffee harvest. The project still receives a lot of attention for its innovative approach and recently, the project is also Fairtrade certified.

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