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The Chik Ballapur region is one of the most underdeveloped areas in India where people live in poor conditions. Polluted streets and harmful smoke indoors caused by open wood fires, cause health problems.

FairClimateFund has been working with partner ADATS since early 2009 to provide around 12,000 households - that are members of the local community organization Bagepalli Coolie Sangha (BCS) - with a biogas plant. Organic waste is fermented in an underground unit, so that enough biogas is available to cook on a daily basis. This method of cooking prevents harmful smoke in the house, reduces CO2 emissions, clears up organic waste, and saves households kerosene, wood, and time.

Project Details

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The total impact of the project


co2 reduction

X thousand tonnes of CO2 reduced



X thousand households use biogas



X 1 million kilos wood (=412,000 trees) saved

The project in detail

A biogas plant of 2 cubic meters provides enough gas for a family to cook daily and to heat water in a safe and environmentally friendly way. What remains after fermentation is fertile manure. The biogas plants are financed by contributions from the participating families and reimbursed through the CO₂ credits that the households earn.

Also, BCS undertakes various development activities, including in the fields of health, education for children and adults, as well as small-scale lending, agricultural development, and activities to support widows and abandoned women.

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and contribute to better living conditions for people in developing countries.

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