sdg 4: quality education


In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations as a new global sustainable development agenda for 2030. Our projects contribute to a number of these so-called SDGs, such as SDG 4: Quality education.

The Millennium Development Goals in particular have improved a lot in recent years, especially for women and girls. But there is still a lot to be gained. By 2030 all boys and girls in the world must be able to finish primary and secondary school. All men and women must also have access to affordable professional, technical and higher education. Within this goal, more attention is also paid to the quality of education. For example, students should be able to acquire knowledge and skills about sustainable development, sustainable lifestyles, human rights and gender equality.

The reforestation project of ProClimate and coffee co-operative NorAndino creates economic diversity resulting in extra employment and income. Because of this extra income, more children have access to school. Only primary education is offered in the area and for secondary education children have to travel long to a lower area which is expensive. In addition, training courses are provided to make local communities aware of climate change and the environment.

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