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We work together with you on suitable solutions to minimize the impact on climate and people. Our Fairtrade approach and 10 years of experience in the field of climate strategies, carbon footprints, CO₂ reduction and offsetting projects underlie this.

FairClimateFund is characterized by an approachable and transparent approach. Our fair and innovative solutions help to achieve a long-term collaboration every time.

1) Carbon footprint, CO₂ reduction & Fairtrade carbon offsetting

FairClimateFund helps with mapping the carbon footprint of your business operations, products and / or services. Together with you we look for feasible solutions for CO₂ reduction and we offer (Fairtrade) Carbon Credits for any remaining CO₂ emissions.

We have an online calculation tool for simple carbon footprints. For an extensive Life Cycle Analysis or Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) we work together with various independent parties including CE Delft , Milieu Centraal or ClimatePartner.


2) Carbon neutral products & services

If you want to make a product or service carbon neutral, then you have come to the right place. Together with you and our partners, we can map the carbon footprint of the entire production chain. With a good project choice for carbon offsetting and communication, we ensure a positive impact for your company and for households in developing countries. The carbon neutral coffee from Peeze is a good example of this.

Read more here client case Peeze


3) Tailor-made climate projects

Would you like to set up your own climate project? FairClimateFund also develops smaller and customized climate projects for customers. We organize these CO₂ reduction projects from A to Z: from project design to project registration, certification and monitoring in accordance with the conditions of the CDM, Gold Standard and the Fairtrade Climate Standard.
If required, we can also arrange mixed financing arrangements. Fairtrade principles are of course our standard!


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