Office Arcadis

Arcadis wants to be a leader in the field of sustainability

Blog – 23 May 2018
"We want to emit 40% less CO2 per FTE in 2020 compared to 2010"
Filling biogas dome

Cow dung, cooking and karma

Blog – 11 April 2018
Fund Manager Gert Crielaard visited our biogas project in Bandopalli, India.
Woman cooks on cookstove in India

Everything is connected

Blog – 10 April 2018
Our colleague Gert Crielaard visited our cookstove project in India.
Story Narsamma

Meet Narsamma

Project Story – 10 April 2018
Rich people use gas for cooking and since I use biogas, I feel rich too. Before, I would leave at…
Story Bharati India

Meet Bharati

Project Story – 15 March 2018
Since I use the Chulika, I cough much less, do not have headaches anymore and I suffer less from my…
Postcode Lottery

Nearly 3 million euros from Postcode Lottery

News – 19 February 2018
The Birds, Bees & Business project received an amount of 2,834,000 euros.
Coffee farmer in Ethiopia

A year of turbulence for coffee farmers in Ethiopia

Blog – 02 January 2018
In 2017 considerable investments were made in training on using efficient cookstoves.
Story Mulane

Meet Mulane

Project Story – 01 January 2018
The new cookstoves have many advantages. Two trips of foraging wood lasts us for two weeks. This…
EnergieFlex sponsors NEC

Sustainable energy should be affordable for everyone

News – 14 December 2017
EnergieFlex believes that companies need to look beyond business profits.
Banner Climate Conference COP23

We need to raise our sights to tackle climate change

Blog – 11 December 2017
BULA! The Fijian word for "welcome" at the 23rd UN Climate Summit.
Logo Fairtrade Carbon Credits

FairClimateFund has world premiere with Fairtrade Carbon Credits

News – 01 December 2017
FairClimateFund is the first organisation worldwide to bring Fairtrade Carbon Credits to the market.
Story Bassama

Meet Bassama

Project Story – 01 January 2017
I have to collect firewood which is spread out. That is difficult for me, because I have to go far…

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