reducing your carbon footprint

News – 29 January 2021

With this white paper we help you to reduce your carbon footprint in four steps. This is how you contribute to the Paris climate agreement with your company.

Do you want to contribute to the Paris climate agreement with your company by reducing your carbon (CO2) footprint? But have no idea where to start?

The 4-step plan in this white paper - 1) determining your carbon footprint, 2) setting goals, 3) reducing and 4) compensating - helps you set a realistic goal and develop concrete steps to actually achieve your goal.

Although the basis of the approach is the same for all companies, the best practices in the white paper teach us that the elaboration of the step-by-step plan differs greatly from company to company. Where Arcadis, for example, derives the greatest benefit from making the travel behavior of its employees more sustainable, making the production chain more sustainable plays a greater role at Peeze.

In short: A must-read for anyone - any company in any sector - who wants to get started with reducing his or her CO2 footprint.

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