Story Rosina

meet rosina

Project Story – 01 January 2018

Rosina Thabethe lives with her daughter and her family in Sakhile. On the unpaved road there is a row of gray identical concrete houses. The houses were subsidized by the government and built during the time of apartheid. Family Thabethe also lives in such a house. Rosina and her husband came to live here years ago. One of her daughters has moved in with her husband and children. Rosina swings the scepter over the household. "What my husband and I bought first when we came to live here is this oven," Rosina says, pointing to the huge oven that occupies almost a third of the kitchen. This oven works on coal or wood.

Rosina switched to Basa Magogo three years ago. The new technique to light the carbon kiln was demonstrated to Rosina at home. Three local residents and Rosina watched how they could easily change the order of coal, wood, and paper. The oven burned much longer and caused significantly less smoke in the small kitchen. That is what Rosina talks about the most: she has a nicer non-smoking house after the demonstration. It is nice that thanks to Basa Magogo, she can minimize smoke development. She now also saves a lot on the coal. Finally, it is nice to have the oven in the cold winter months. There is now a lot of heat since Rosina began using the Basa Magogo method.

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