meet josephine

Project Story – 01 January 2017

Josephine Mathobela has been living in Kwazamokuhle for twenty years now. Since the death of her husband she leases the house where she now lives from an acquaintance. She lives here together with the four children of her deceased daughter. She feeds her grandchildren, ages of 13 to 18, on her own. The Mathobela family does not have a lot of money. The family can’t live from the small pension that she receives. Twice a month she washes the work clothes of a miner from the neighborhood. It is hard work to clean his filthy overalls but it does generate extra money.

Since 2009, money has also come to Mathobela from a different source. That year she became acquainted with a new cooking method: the Basa Magogo method. Thanks to this method Josephine needs less coal to get a larger fire. The fire also lasts longer. This saves money from which she can buy extra food.

Josephine is also happy that she often does not have to clean the walls in her house. There is less smoke development, so the family doesn't cough anymore.

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