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Project Story – 01 January 2017

Dinah Nkosi is an enthusiastic user of the new heating method Basa Magogo. Dinah notes: “It’s incredible to notice when you are walking through the village how polluted the air is. Especially in winter time you can literally see only a few meters away, due to all the smoke. If everyone here would use the Basa Magogo method to light their stove, the air wouldn’t be so dirty and visibility wouldn’t be so bad. I can already see the difference around my own house now that I am using Basa Magogo”. Fortunately, in Kwazamokuhle every year the method of Basa Magogo is shown to thousands of homes so that they can start using it too.

Dinah uses Basa Magogo every day. She loves to tell you about the success of Basa Magogo.
“The success of the method is its simplicity. People do not need to invest in a new oven. All that is asked of them is changing the way they use their stove. It takes discipline to get accustomed to using the oven in the Basa Magogo way and not to fall back into old habits. It takes a while but the reward is big, I used to buy five bags of coal every month. Now only two bags will do, so I do not have to carry those heavy bags so much anymore. It is clear that with Basa Magogo I can save a lot of coal! Through these savings on coal, I save 30 Rand (about 3 Euros) per month. The first month I immediately bought a lunch box for my son. We never had money to give my child lunch, now I can give him a good lunch every day. No doubt that this has improved his school performances”, says Dinah with a lovely smile.

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