fairclimatefund has world premiere with fairtrade carbon credits

News – 01 December 2017

With the certification of the Indian Clean Cookstoves project of FairClimateFund under the Fairtrade Climate Standard, FairClimateFund is the first organisation worldwide to bring Fairtrade Carbon Credits to the market.

Climate projects eligible for the Fairtrade Climate Standard distinguish themselves by providing structures for social and economic improvements to smallholders and the local communities that reduce carbon emissions. For example a Fairtrade minimum price, a Fairtrade premium and ownership of the carbon credits. The standard is an innovative method – developed by Fairtrade International, the most widely recognized ethical certification system, and Gold Standard, the leading certification standard for climate and development – for evaluating carbon projects. The standard is an add-on to Gold Standard certification of carbon emissions reductions and sustainable development benefits.

Clean Cookstoves project FairClimateFund in India
The Clean Cookstove project in Raichur district was set up by FairClimateFund in collaboration with JSMBT, a grass-root organization of over 7,000 local women. The project has so far distributed over 18,000 clean cookstoves, called Chulika’s. Besides CDM and Gold Standard the project is Fairtrade Certified and produces Fairtrade Carbon Credits.

Since the start of the project in 2012 carbon finance has paved the way for activities that immensely improved the position of women and the community in general. The Chulika’s save time, reduce deforestation and indoor air pollution. On top of that an extensive program has been implemented to strengthen these vulnerable communities. It ranges from awareness and trainings on climate change, to hygienic- and healthcare activities and planting trees and plotting kitchen gardens.

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