Carbon markts in motion: Carbon neutral or not?

News – 09 November 2023
Carbon markets have evolved. FairClimateFund will pay attention to this in four articles.

Responding to the crisis in Sudan: Expanding Solar Cooker Relief in Chad

News – 08 November 2023
Our Solar Cooker project in Chad is currently confronted with the urgent need of solar cookers.

Carbon markets in motion: from Kyoto to Parijs and beyond

News – 10 October 2023
Carbon markets have evolved. FairClimateFund will pay attention to this in four articles.

Cook to earn: households earn money by cooking

News – 04 September 2023
We will pilot a carbon credit revenue share with households based on verifiable usage data.

Gold Standard conference: Grow to Zero

News – 29 June 2023
We were part of diverse panels and shared our vision on fair and inclusive carbon markets.

Carbon offsetting: Does it work or not?

News – 08 June 2023
The voluntary carbon market is complex, and a lot is happening at the same time.

A visit to Colombia: local stories

News – 31 May 2023
Colleagues Marcel Spaas and Linda Lap visited Los Riscales and spoke with the local community.

Cycling4Climate: A bike tour across the approaching coastline

News – 22 May 2023
On June 19th, Cycling 4 Climate organizes the Climate Classic, a cycling tour for the climate.

Cycling to work for four days? These UMCG researchers are doing it

News – 10 May 2023
Four cardiologists from UMCG bike to their conference on heart failure in Prague.

A look back at Relation Day 2023: Deep Dive in Fair Climate Projects

News – 18 April 2023
The past week, we organized our Relation Day of 2023: Deep Dive in Fair Climate Projects.

Stop undermining international climate summits by the fossil industry

News – 02 February 2023
We are ringing the alarm bell!

Warm travels to Peru

News – 06 November 2022
Colleagues Marcel and Linda visited Peru for our project and spoke with locals.