cycling the bird’s migration trek

Wednesday 8 September, Neera van der Geest, director of FairClimateFund, got on her fully packed bicycle for a trip south. Just like 3 billion birds from Europe that migrate south. Primarily to Africa, but also Southern Europe. Neera's cycling tour starts in Utrecht, and in three months, she will travel to the south of Europe - Seville. During her trip, Neera wants to draw attention to the Birds, Bees & Business project in Burkina Faso, Africa, and donate as many as possible trees for a better living environment for humans and animals.

About the project
In the south of Burkina Faso, many women depend on harvesting and processing shea nuts from the shea tree, a raw material for food and many care products. However, the people's habitat, trees and animals, such as birds, is deteriorating rapidly.

Since 2018, Vogelbescherming and Cordaid/FairClimateFund have been working together on a rich landscape for people and nature in the south of Burkina Faso. We plant new trees, protect existing trees against logging, stimulate biodiversity and promote sustainable entrepreneurship. This provides more food for people and birds, more insects and more yields from agriculture and the production of shea nuts.


Share Neera's love for nature and donate a tree for Burkina Faso!
In this way, we all contribute to a greener earth and a healthier living environment. We also stimulate biodiversity with this, so what are you waiting for?! Start planting!