fix the food systems!

More than 3 billion people face food shortages. Climate change plays a major role in this. That is why we have drawn up a petition together with our parent organization Cordaid to put this problem to the government. Read below how you can help!

More than 3 billion people are paying the highest price. Food shortages resulted from droughts, floods, and crop failures, and this is only becoming worse. Cordaid helps with smart solutions to adjust food systems and make people resilient to the consequences of climate change.

In addition, we advocate for a drastic transformation of global food systems – because this is what pushes climate change. This system is responsible for 37% of the total global CO₂ emissions. This is gigantic! That's why we're taking action now!

1. We advocate for doubling the climate finance aimed at climate-proof, small-scale and sustainable agriculture. This allows communities affected by climate change to adapt and also emit less CO₂ themselves.
2. We advocate a different agricultural and food policy of the Dutch government as well. In the Netherlands itself but also with regard to our international trade flows, in order to significantly reduce our footprint elsewhere in the world.
3. We will also reduce our own footprint, as consumers, drafters, and signatories of this petition! And in the name of future generations.

Read here how to participate: I am fixing the food systems