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Fairtrade CO₂ compensated in 5 steps

FairClimateFund helps you to make your event more sustainable. We help you map the carbon footprint of your festival, fair, or open day. Then we look at the steps you can take to reduce your CO₂ emissions.

1Map your carbon footprint

Are there many cars or trucks on the road for your event? Do you use a lot of equipment for organizing a music festival? Or do many guests travel by plane? The CO₂ footprint of your event is determined by various factors, including: electricity consumption, printing, and transport.

FairClimateFund will help you calculate your carbon footprint. Please contact our colleagues Marcel Spaas or Gert Crielaard via the contact details of at the bottom of this webpage.

2Reduce your CO 2 emissions

A CO₂ neutral event starts with sustainable transport and saving energy. You may decide to buy more supplies locally in order to reduce the number of cars or trucks needed for your event. Or you can opt to reduce your gas consumption by creating a well-insulated event space. We help you with a plan of action to reduce the energy consumption of your event.

3Generate sustainable energy yourself

For the energy that you still need for your event, we advise you to use renewable energy as much as possible. Think of aggregates that are powered by solar panels or windmills. We help you map the possibilities.

4Compensate for your residual CO 2 emissions

Sometimes CO₂ emissions are unavoidable. Do you still want to organize a CO₂-neutral event? Compensate for your residual CO₂ emissions with our (Fairtrade) carbon credits. For more information about our (Fairtrade) Carbon Credits, click here>

You can choose from one of our (Fairtrade) certified climate and reduce CO₂ emissions elsewhere in the world. And the best part is: you also contribute to a fair climate by helping people in developing countries become more resilient against the effects of climate change.

5A fair story

What exactly is the impact of the steps you take to organize a CO₂ neutral event? Who benefits from the revenues generated by the carbon credits that you buy and what is their story? An appealing story with clear facts and figures can help convince your employees and the public and get them moving. We help you to create a clear and fair story.

Would you like more information about a Fairtrade Climate Neutral event? Feel free to contact us:

Marcel Spaas

Tel: +31 (0)30 234 82 03


Gert Crielaard

Tel: +31 (0)30 234 82 03


Compensate your CO₂

and contribute to better living conditions for people in developing countries.