Case – 05 December 2019

Climate neutral since 2009

Politicians will probably discuss climate change for many years to come without reaching a consensus. Thankfully companies don’t have to wait for measures to be enforced by law. They have the freedom to take action on their own. Secrid started early with this.

Secrid calculated that complete compensation of their CO₂ output, including the production and distribution, amounts to approximately 0.2% of their annual revenue. Secrid sees this compensation as part of their production costs. Just like they are prepared to pay something extra to buy clean leather from Holland instead of leather from countries where environmental laws are less strict.

The CO₂ emissions are calculated by EcoChain and the offsetting is taken care of by FairClimateFund. Together we invest in a reforestation project in Peru. A beautiful project with consequences that go further than just CO₂ compensation. The erosion of the hillsides in this region is halted, which in turn influences the local climate positively. Local coffee farmers and the economy benefit from these changes.

Secrid has implemented this compensation retroactively back to their start in 2009. They hope more companies will follow their lead. Together we can work towards a better world.

For more information: www.secrid.com

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