sail to the cop

Case – 02 September 2019

On 2 October 2019, 36 change makers will sail to COP25 and argue for fair and climate-neutral transport options. FairClimateFund supports this young enthusiastic group by making their journey completely Fairtrade Carbon neutral.

More sustainable travel options
The statement of the sailing group:

We are very concerned about the emissions from aviation - that is why we will not travel with the airplane but with a sailing ship.

During the conference and the trip, concerns are expressed about the negative impact of
air travel on our planet. The sailing trip is part of a year-long (media) campaign for
policy change at national and international level. The goal is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and fair travel industry.

We want to make it easier, cheaper and more attractive to have sustainable travel options such as the train, bus and bicycle.

Changing the transportation system is a complex transition involving several stakeholders, such as train companies, NGOs, governments and policy makers. Therefore the time on board is used to discuss sustainable travel options.

The journey
The sailors depart from Amsterdam on 2 October. To get fresh food on board and for stretching the legs, four stops will be made at: Casablanca, Tenerife, and Cabo Verde Recife. After a journey of approximately 7 weeks, the sailboat will arrive in Rio de Janeiro around November 20 . The last part to Chile will be done by bus.

Update: The group's journey has now been completed and the results and results of their brainstorming sessions can be read in this report. An abbreviated summary is also available.

More information: Sail to the Cop