royal lemkes

Case – 09 January 2020

Royal Lemkes has been a family business since 1882 with a green heart and a beautiful mission: to create a nice life with plants, a vital business and a more beautiful world. These plants are supplied with the highest quality and at the lowest cost to large-scale retail chains throughout Europe. This means that a lot is transported and CO₂ emissions are caused.

CO2 offsetting
Although plants make the world more beautiful and greener, Royal Lemkes faces the challenge of reducing the CO₂ emissions that are released during, among other things, the transport of the plants. Royal Lemkes wants to make the entire chain, from grower to consumer, more sustainable. Since 2018, Royal Lemkes has been working with FairClimateFund to offset the remainder of CO₂ emissions from business traffic. They do this with our biogas project in India. Since this year, Royal Lemkes compensates both business traffic and gas and light consumption.


Sustainable Development Goals
In addition to taking action on the climate, Royal Lemkes has formulated five other sustainability themes that contribute to achieving the SDGs. FairClimateFund's projects also contribute to achieving the SDGs in more aspects, for example by improving the position of women in developing countries. Managing Director, Michiel de Haan, indicates that Royal Lemkes continues to invest in people and sustainability, but especially in relationships. "Growing Together" is what Royal Lemkes strives for. Michiel de Haan is also a member of our advisory council.

For more information: annual report 2018 Royal Lemkes