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Case – 28 July 2018

Opmeer is responsible for the creation and delivery of media communications according to customer specifications. Her clients are medium-sized and large companies and institutions throughout the Netherlands who want a reliable partner for media productions with a high presentation value, such as
e-magazines, animations but also brochures, house styles and periodicals etc. From design to end product and both conventional and digital solutions (crossmedia). Opmeer attaches great importance to CSR and has been working for years to become increasingly greener.

Staff, working conditions and environment
Opmeer considers the health of employees and working conditions very important. That is why a working group has been set up with the objective of making employees aware of the importance of health and motivating them to move, to be aware of lifestyle and eating habits. The working environment is good by, among other things, good lighting, ergonomic chairs / desks and various advice courses for the posture. For example, the employee's development plan is discussed in the annual performance reviews.

Opmeer also wants to be a reliable partner for its customers by maintaining a close relationship, without restrictions solving the problems and delivering the end products without deviations on time.

We want to maintain our lead in the field of sustainability and go beyond the legal requirements in terms of personnel, working conditions and the environment.

With the help of the Environmental Barometer and Stimular's CSR balance sheet, they monitor their annual results, of which they report extensively in the sustainability report. This allows them to calculate their annual CO2 footprint. They compensate for the remaining CO2 emissions with the Solar Cookers for refugee project in Chad. This allows them to communicate that they are completely CO2 neutral and are constantly improving their energy performance.

First reduce, then offset
Opmeer sets environmental / energy targets every year to reduce its climate footprint and this is a continuous process. An example of this is the stimulation of cycling in relation to the car (commuting) and green energy from wind energy. Central is the conscious handling of its employees and their resources. With regard to the kilometers, they are not completely in control. Of course they stimulate the bicycle and public transport. And for the business kilometers, they use almost exclusively energy-efficient models with euro 6 engines or, where possible, hybrid cars. They compensate for the remaining CO2 emissions in this great project. As a result, they are reducing CO2 emissions elsewhere in the world and contributing to a fair climate by making people in developing countries resilient to climate change.

Choice of project
After compensating for a number of years through the "COOX4Climate" project, they have now opted for a project in Africa. A project in which families in a refugee camp in eastern Chad cook on solar energy with solar cookers. Opmeer has had a connection with Africa for years and they support several projects there, including the Painted Dog Conservation Foundation in Zimbabwe. Every year they look at which project is best for them at that moment.

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