new economy-festival 2022

Case – 13 March 2022

MVO Nederland, a Dutch business network that innovates and implements together to achieve the new economy, organizes and makes the Nieuw Economie-festival 2022 (New Economy Festival 2022) climate positive.

About NE22

The Nieuwe Economie-festival 2022 (NE22) will start on May 13, 2022 in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. With about 1000 visitors, it is the largest corporate sustainability festival of the Netherlands. The program consists of sub-sessions, lectures, networking opportunities and keynote speakers.

This year with the theme: an ode to inconvenience. 'To achieve the new economy, we have to change. As an entrepreneur, as a company, as a government. And as a person. Only, change is exciting. Change takes energy. And yes, that causes discomfort. Get over your fear of the unknown and show guts—conversations with dissenters. Dare to say what you think, regardless of the interests or role. The simplest way is also the most comfortable: don't change.' - thus MVO Nederland.

Practice what you preach

MVO Nederland wants to set an good example with the sustainability festival by making it as sustainable as possible. For instance, Renewi is the main event partner, and the festival is waste-free. The catering is completely vegetarian, the heating is turned off, print is not used, and MVO Nederland encourages train travel.

Although MVO Nederland reduces CO₂ emissions, not all emissions can be prevented. That is why making the event climate positive is an important last step. MVO Nederland compensates for more than the CO₂ emissions incurred during the festival with our projects that reduce CO₂ emissions. And that makes the festival climate positive!

During NE20 we also collaborated with FairClimateFund. This collaboration went very well, so we entered into a new collaboration this year. And what's really great, thanks to FairClimateFund we can make sure that the festival becomes climate positive this edition!

Trees in Peru & Cookstoves in Ethiopia

Both projects reduce CO₂. Trees store CO₂, and cookstoves reduce logging. In addition, the projects also have another advantage. They contribute to improved living conditions of people vulnerable to climate change. Projects Reforestation for coffee farmers in Peru and Cookstoves for coffee farmers in Ethiopia are certified by Gold standard and the Fairtrade Climate Standard. This means that local partners own the carbon credits, and part of the proceeds are also invested in climate adaptation. More about the standards


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Location: De Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam
Date: 13 May 2022
Theme: An ode to inconvenience
Spoken language: Dutch
MVO Nederland