Case – 24 May 2023

Natoo stands for healthy all the way. They offer a range of sustainable and healthy meals with many vegetarian options at various train stations in the Netherlands. Natoo works together with sustainable partners to minimize their footprint. In addition, they take responsibility for the effects of their CO2 emissions and invest in fair climate projects. In short: delicious food on the go on the road to a more sustainable future.

About Natoo
Natoo is part of Lagardère Travel Retail. Its concept already exists at Frankfurt Airport and the train station in Padova, Italy. Now, they have extended their reach to the Netherlands, with locations at the busy train stations of Rotterdam Centraal, The Hague Centraal and Leiden Centraal. At Natoo you can eat something tasty and healthy on the go, benefiting not only your health but also the planet’s health. Their meals, juices and sweets are freshly prepared with seasonal ingredients from Dutch soil. The majority of their dishes are vegetarian, and many are even vegan.

Healthy lifestyle and planet
Natoo goes beyond healthy food, they also pay attention to a healthy planet. They’re working hard to establish sustainable stores and collaborate with suppliers with an eye for sustainability, such as our customer Peeze, for example. By doing so, Natoo aims to reduce their footprint.

Our collaboration
They also invest in our biogas project in Kenya. They not only want to reduce their footprint, but also want to contribute to a healthier lifestyle in other places in the world. Cooking with biogas is smoke-free and therefore a lot healthier for households in Kenya. Biogas is a clean way of cooking that significantly improves living conditions and helps prevent the negative effects of climate change

We have chosen FairClimateFund due to their critical view on compensation, the Gold Standard verification of their projects, and the assurance provided by Cordaid. In addition, FairClimateFund’s project allows us to contribute to better health all over the world.

This is how Natoo embodies the idea of “healthy all the way”, from healthy food and a healthy environment all the way from Europe to Africa.