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Case – 02 August 2018

In addition to their online stores, Mijndomein is also active with transport, bonds and soon also with energy

Mijndomein wants to contribute to a better climate and they have been working together with FairClimateFund since 2010. In addition to all websites, they also offset the emissions of their office spaces as well as all the CO₂ created by MijndomeinAuto is also compensated. The carbon credits Mijndomein buys from FairClimateFund are used to fund the "Chulika" project: improved cookstoves for families in India that enable them to cook more efficiently. Using this cookstove reduces carbon emissions, creates a better climate, less smoke in the home, and improves living conditions overall by saving families money and reducing the amount of wood they must gather.

This fits in perfectly with our corporate social responsibility strategy.

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and contribute to better living conditions for people in developing countries.