Case – 24 March 2022

Deloitte launches the True Price coffee bar together with True Price and Hutten. Here employees pay a fair price for their coffee or tea. That fair price goes to the FairClimateFund project: Reforestation for coffee farmers in Peru. Together we give back to people and nature.

About Deloitte
Deloitte is a business services provider in Audit & Assurance, Tax & Legal, Consultancy, Financial Advisory, and Risk Advisory. With over 345,000 employees and 175 years of experience as a financial-business services provider, Deloitte is active in more than 150 countries worldwide. Deloitte's goal is to strengthen the public trust in capital markets, empower clients to transform and prosper and pave the way for a stronger economy, a fairer society and a more sustainable world.

Making an impact that matters

Together towards a sustainable future
Deloitte assists clients in their complete sustainable transformation process, from defining their sustainability goal and strategy to communication, implementation and financing of the transformation and setting up governance, monitoring and reporting, and assurance. “We help our customers collaborate in their value chain to accelerate and amplify their impact.” – Randy Jagt, Partner en Future of Food lead Deloitte

Sustainable business processes
The company also focuses on internal sustainability via the WorldClimate program, Deloitte's global sustainability strategy. For example, Deloitte Netherlands aims to be CO₂ neutral for housing and mobility by 2025. "We have adjusted our travel policy, among other things, and are in the process of switching to green alternatives for our lease cars. We are also looking at the energy consumption of our offices to be more sustainable, and topics such as waste, water consumption, food and biodiversity are high on the agenda. As an extension of this, we have therefore implemented the True Price concept at our coffee bar in The Edge in Amsterdam."- Mark van Rijn, Internal Sustainability Lead Deloitte Netherlands

True Price Coffee bar

We are convinced that transforming the entire food ecosystem is necessary, both for these companies and for our planet and people.

Sustainability concerns the entire global food chain, from farmers to consumers. This also includes Deloitte professionals and consumers. That is why Deloitte, together with True Price and catering company Hutten, launched the True Price Coffee Bar initiative in the Amsterdam office. They try to raise awareness about the social and environmental costs of two specific, very popular products: coffee and tea.

The impact of the True price coffee and tea, which is paid on top of the regular price, will be donated to the FairClimateFund project: reforestation for coffee farmers in Peru. In this project, farmers - who live in the upper catchment area (3000m) of the growing area in Piura - reforest with native tree species, reducing erosion and improving water storage capacity, benefiting farmers downstream. The project also removes CO₂ from the air and ensures more biodiversity.

Our collaboration
'FairClimateFund's projects make an impact on several levels. For example, the reforestation project in Peru, which we have specifically chosen to donate to, not only reduces CO₂ but also contributes, for example, to the restoration of biodiversity and better living conditions for local coffee farmers. These multiple impacts are in line with our sustainability goals and activities. – Mark van Rijn, Internal Sustainability Lead Deloitte Netherlands

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