Case – 01 September 2019

CO₂ok gives consumers the opportunity to make online purchases climate neutral. Online purchases cause CO₂ emissions. This includes the production and transport of a purchased item that causes greenhouse gas emissions. In order to reduce CO₂ emissions, CO₂ok helps webshops to become more sustainable by compensating products that have a negative impact on the climate.

How does that work?
When purchasing online, consumers can press the compensation button to reduce the climate impact of their purchase. Consumers therefore choose and pay for the compensation themselves. On some websites, more than 35% of the consumers choose to compensate. CO₂ok works with a standard percentage for the calculation and offers services to refine this.

Partnership with FairClimateFund
The revenue from the plug-in is used to finance climate projects, such as our cookstove project in India. These are projects aimed at reducing CO₂ emissions and the generation of sustainable energy.

More information: CO2ok