landscape drought

the challenge

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of today: temperatures are rising, and we are increasingly faced with unpredictable rainfall, flooding and extreme drought. These events result in failed harvests, food shortages, and damage to our ecosystems. Climate change affects us all, but people in developing countries are much more vulnerable to its consequences. To keep the temperature-rise below 2 degrees, we must take action now.

It is unfair that people in developing countries suffer more from climate change than we do in the West, while we are largely responsible for climate change. FairClimateFund initiates projects that reduce CO₂ emissions and also provide a better future for people in developing countries. We do this by investing in climate projects in developing countries with a focus on cleaner cooking solutions and on planting trees according to fair principles. With the carbon credits that these projects generate, local households pay off their investments.

Roughly one third of the world's population still cooks on an open wood fire on a daily basis, usually indoors. The smoke released is very harmful to human health. As a result, almost four million people worldwide die annually from lung disease. That's more than the worldwide deaths from AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.

Source: World Health Organization

Infographic Household Air Pollution