FairClimateFund supports companies, non-profit organizations and individuals to become climate neutral. To offset your emissions we offer fair traded carbon credits from our own local projects. All our projects stimulate clean cooking methods for households in developing countries.

Besides corporate solutions you can also offset your flights, car, or household. FairClimateFund also offers resale possibilities. Your compensation makes a difference for the climate and poverty reduction.


Sustainable entrepreneurship becomes proud entrepreneurship with FairClimateFund.

For companies that take corporate, social and environmental responsibility FairClimateFund offers a unique opportunity to offset carbon emissions with fair climate projects in developing countries.

  • Gain insight in your carbon emissions with our detailed calculations.
  • Save costs by reducing your emissions. We offer reduction advice.
  • Decide for yourself what emissions to offset: your footprint, products, services, or transport.
  • Engage your customers in your CSR policy by offering climate neutral products and services.
  • Offset your emissions with fair traded carbon credits conform the highest standards (Gold Standard).
  • Receive high quality carbon credits with a name, face and gps location

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Offsetting with added value

FairClimateFund invests in climate and people, Pro Climate and Pro Poor. Offset your carbon emissions with projects for families in developing countries. These projects are certified according to the highest standards. This guarantees the reduction of CO₂ and the impact on poverty reduction.

After offsetting, you will receive a certificate with serial numbers that indicates which households have delivered the carbon reductions. You gain insight into the personal stories of the producers of the carbon credits and you will be able to communicate these narratives to your clients and partners.

Fair carbon projects:


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Watch and listen to what our clients have to say about climate neutral entrepreneurship with FairClimateFund:

In 2013 our clients offset more than 35,000 tonnes CO₂.

That is equivalent to…

160 million kilometers by car, or 4000 times around the world.

22.000 return flights Amsterdam – New York.

One year gas consumption by 12.500 households



Want to know more about offsetting your emissions with fair carbon credits? Please read our FAQ or get in touch with our team.